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chicobaby04 Rating
first of all i would like to point out to the summary for this manga its wrong. eve had an accident and she also have amnesia and is pregnant. talos who came for her after looking for her for 3 months told her he is her lover and also a father of her child, after the release from hospital eve wanted to see the house where she grew up in and then there she realized she was a snob woman who likes nothing but party and travelling. little did she know talos came for her to get revenge against her. still not remembering anything talos offered to go to where they meet for first time and relive that period maybe it will help her remember. now thats where tricky things happen and start want to know what happen afterward? did she remember again? did they truly love each other? want to know then come and read
oathbreaker1 Rating
Let me say this with all honestly wow. That is a story that kept you on edge with all the secrets everyone was hiding. Frankly it was hard to like either character when you first meet them. Then the layers are pulled away slowly and begin to understand why they are that way. Please sit down and read and understand we have to forgive to find the happiness we deserve.
lovemekyoya Rating
Love always prevails in any situation n it was proven in the storyLove it :-D
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