User Reviews For: The Rich Man's Reluctant Mistress


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oathbreaker1 Rating
The art work was nice also i enjoyed the story. But sometimes this type of story where every one is insecure gets tiresome. They both seem to test each other on whether there was real love between them. They then let the little boy bring them together when he was in danger. I just felt it was a little immature on both their parts not to talk and face their feeling for each other. The story was fine but not one of my favorites.
chicobaby04 Rating
zane should have showed his feeling much more sooner that goes the same for lucinda instead of being jealous and lash out on zane. i think zane wanted lucinda to stay for him too not just tim then again zane was wrong for asking her to stay on for tim lucinda should have confronted him about how she felt otherwise this story is really good
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