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oathbreaker1 Rating
Please, Please if every woman could be seduced this way all women would be in trouble. I Really liked both characters. There is a strong Irish women who was cheated on by her boyfriend who wanted to gain confidence in herself. Needless to say there is a prince available to help with that. This only happens in fantasy which is why this is such a good story. On a steamy level this is a 5
chicobaby04 Rating
i read this quite several time already and i will never stop reading it i really love it very much though i thought kiley were crazy to ask prince to be his mistress even though she was a virgin at the time. i thought the prince were crazy to accept her number 1 reason she works for him. its never a good idea and then after he found out shes virgin and still take her im surprised and i thought they both were crazy but im glad it worked out the way they wanted it to this is different sheikh story comparing to the others i usually read i really love this story i recommend it
Guest Rating
Seems like a nice, classic story of a shy secretary, trying to take revenge on the man she thought she liked. This story was a little fast moving, while going into little of the background. The intimate seances were very well done. Like all the other harlequin mangas the story must come to an after a heartbreak climate with a happy ending. I would rate this manga 3 for Average. It has been a pleasure to read the work of this author " please continue what you have been doing op to now". Thank you.
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