User Reviews For: Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss Pregnancy & Passion 3


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oathbreaker1 Rating
Well I must say that this story was sour and sweet. She was the right person for him but he did not know it. I like it when the path to true love does not run straight because it does not seem like a fairy tale. Real life has bumps and curves and pitfalls. You can love a person but do you actually know them their weakness and strengths. This runs the whole gambit. So enjoy and read at you lea sure .
chicobaby04 Rating
i found it horrible that devon were willing to agree to make deal with ashleys father to marry ashley for sake of business deal and now u see what happen, it ended up hurting ashley and devon both but im glad they were able to come to the term and i was surprised they actually worked it out later on despite all that have happened, if it was me i would have never forgive him and disappear from his life. this is really sweet and bitter at the same time story
crow17 Rating
Great storyline without unnecessary misunderstanding by the lead characters..
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