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chicobaby04 Rating
would have been nice if serena would get to know carlo and know the facts first before judging carlos base off on what dawn was telling her about him. even if she refuse to believe dawn was the type of girl but im glad they finally worked it out in end but its sad that it took an accident to cause her to face it. it was really good story
1ch1me Rating
I TOTALLY ENJOYED READING THIS! I swear, "on my honor", it's now one of my favorite harlequin manga! What shocking revelations after the other! It was just so awesome how the story from the start went till the end! I love how they first met five years ago. They were so cute together! It's just that it has gotten so complicated when Serena's cousin, Dawn, died. I knew there was something about Dawn, since the first time she showed up in the story. I felt sad for both Serena and Carlo. Serena believed Dawn's words about Carlo and she misunderstood him which caused her to hurt his feelings, even though she clearly loves Carlo. Carlo loves her too, but he also acted cruelly towards her. Anyways, it's a long story, so I SUGGEST you read this wonderful story! I JUST LOVE IT! The artwork and the story are just so awesome, so I rate it 5 stars! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!
lovemekyoya Rating
complicated love drives people away once you can't express your thoughts in words
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