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Not too in-depth for story, but it's cute and sexy so that's a plus haha ...it definitely has that type of “classic yaoi” vibe so fair warning with that, if you know what I mean. The art is ok, but to say that I'm disappointed that I bought this would be a lie. So, I can say that I really did overall like this manga :-)
I've read the first 3 chapters and I love it already!! The art is super cute and sexy..the erotic faces are also AMAZING! I'm actually hoping that this just stays cute and sexy but I'm wondering if there's a twist coming or if I'm just over analyzing lolI recommend this to anyone who just wants some sexy times with cute art and cute mc's. :-)
If I could, I would leave 4.5 stars! Super cute story and I wish there was more of the main cover couple!! This manga is definitely like..“classic type” of yaoi trope(s) if you get what I mean, so fair warning about that. But, the art is cute and simple and this is an easy read. I'm not disappointed that I decided to buy and download it :-)
I've read up to vol. 8 and I love it!! Fair warning: this is all hypnosis kink (much like how the title suggests), which means there is a lot of dubcon/noncon. But, it's yaoi. It's fantasy. I enjoyed it and it still somehow manages to have some fluffy-ish, soft moments. Also, it's interesting how this manga is set up. Since, each 3 sets of chapters focuses on 1 couple. Ex: the cover couple are the first 3 chapters and then there's another couple and then the current couple is chapters 7 & 8 (and I'm sure including 9). There are also some other kinks involved in this awesome manga, but that can be a surprise for you all. ;-)
This manga is definitely a hidden gem. It's funny, sexy, and (later on) gets some plot thrown in! It definitely is a fast-burn and is, overall, easy to follow and understand. I agree with another reviewer that it is like a Tarzan-esque type of story. I've bought every volume so far (it's at vol. 9 as of me writing this review) and I still really like it!! I recommend giving this manga a shot!
I definitely got that “classic yaoi vibes” from this one. If you read it, you'll know what I mean lol Anyway, an easy and sexy read. If you just want some good ole fashioned yaoi dentist kink, then this is the manga for you. Also low key, I wish it was a little longer but for a one shot, I was pleasantly surprised! Got what I paid for and honestly, the manga pages art is better than the cover art!
Pretty average in story and art, but overall an enjoyable and easy read! It was just the perfect length too, nothing dragged out. Also, I bought this on a whim (yes bought, not rented lol) and I didn't come out of it disappointed! So for that, 4/5 stars :-)
Very cute and funny story! I wish the whole thing would've been about the main couple because I enjoyed their story a lot more...it just seemed more of a meaningful story than the second couple. So that's why I gave it 4 stars.
So cute and sexy!! If you're looking for a light-hearted, sexy read, then this is the yaoi for you! The art is so cute and pretty and ...it's just such a fluffy manga! It's also awesome how, basically, the whole manga is the main couple. So that was an added bonus. Hope to find more by this mangaka <333
The story is overall intriguing, spooky, & the art is pleasing & cool. However, since there is only 1 volume, it is somewhat fast-paced & episodic. I feel like there was a background plot that was (grossly & creepily) introduced in chapter 1. If the manga was longer, it could have touched upon this creepy plot point & maybe even driven the manga to being somewhat serious ...but maybe that's why the mangaka decided to make it only 1 volume...it would be too serious of a subject for this manga that is supposed to be quirky & spooky. *shrugs* *SPOILER* & TRIGGER WARNING for implied molestation of child: that's the background plot (that wasn't even really touched upon in the manga) ...it's sad & basically the main character seems to have been molested/sexually harassed by an old-ish man when the mc was a kid. Also, the manga implies that the mc is gay now (as a teen) BECAUSE of that past incident...if the manga gets a 2nd volume, I HOPE it goes into the mc's background more
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