User Reviews For: The Millionaire's Pregnant Wife


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lovemekyoya Rating
Omg maybe I need to make myself a checklist for my life if u want to getbmatried to a millionaire...... her checklist led her to an everlasting love thats the amazing part yay to her love life
dianemoonair Rating
A bit fast pace and cliche, it's still a good story with very likable characters despite the conflict. Not my number one pick up, but definitely worth having on the shelf!
chicobaby04 Rating
Who would have thought little fun affair like their would run deeper after the time they spent together. Im glad he gave her opperunity to learn art from one of skilled artist and gave her taste of freedom after sacrificing her life for her brothers
oathbreaker1 Rating
How to escape the painful ghost of our past. This story deals with the baggage that we bring with us in relationships. But learning to trust again so that you can love someone without any reservations is one of the hardest things to do in life. But some how talking with each other and loving each other they both get past this to find the happiness that they deserve with each other. I have enjoyed this story and it just goes to show how fragile people can be. So talk when you want yell and love with all your heart.
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