User Reviews For: Not Fit for A King? A Royal Scandal I


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lovemekyoya Rating
I l9ve how they switched places and the oh so kind hannah felt bad about deceiving the king thalat she fell in love with and in the end she found out that shes a princess and she was able to marry the love of her life
Luna Rating
I really enjoyed this book a lot! The heroin was such a sweet and great character that i could enjoy
chicobaby04 Rating
I have always loved harlequin's manga. This one is amazing to read, it shows that they are willing to take risk for love by switching places though at first they did not know each other. After reading this manga I wished such thing has happened to me too. I recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
Oh what a lovely story. It is almost like the princess and the commoner. But as it turns out all is not what it seems I not saying anymore because you need to read the story to find out the rest of the story.The art work is wonderful also. In all the world there may be another person that looks just like you.
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