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lovemekyoya Rating
Wow one child has 2 sets of parents yay him awesome I totally loved it n is the first time I've read something like this it blew my mind but it was awesome 8 read it like 6 times in 48 hrs
1ch1me Rating
The preview was not enough for me to figure out what exactly the title, "Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain" meant and what exactly happened between Victoria and Connor, so I decided to read the whole story. Victoria's words, "I doubt we'll ever touch each other again" made me curious too. What exactly happened? Well, that's what she thought after their best friends wedding was over, but after 2 years, they meet again. And BAM! there goes the plot twist! This is such an interesting, lovely, sweet, cute, awesome story! One of the BEST! I didn't just witness Connor & Victoria's love story, but also saw a little bit of their best friends, Michael and Suzy! Dylan the "BABY" was a big plus for the story too! If you want to know what the plot twist that I'm talking about, then you MUST READ this! 5 stars for both FANTASTIC story and AWESOME artwork! Great combination, indeed! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!
bethelove Rating
Victora and Conner are both characters that you enjoy reading about in this story...
chicobaby04 Rating
this manga is pretty good, it got me all interested, curious of what next going to happen and all that. its pretty good after little bit later in story there was a surprise plot i never thought it was that way but im glad it happen anyway, curious what i am talking about? come and read
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