User Reviews For: The Billionaire Boss's Innocent Bride


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chicobaby04 Rating
when I first read the preview it was off putting due to the drawing I did not like how the manga were drawn so I decided not to read and then I came across this title again last night there was review for this one so I read the review and see that it was good so I thought maybe the story is good despite the drawing so I went ahead and read this storyline is decent I like it its different than any other harlequin comics I have read its pretty good, im only rating this 3 star because the fonts were too small for me to read I had to zoom in to be able to read without trying to read hard, and the drawing sucks otherwise its pretty good
lovemekyoya Rating
Love it love it love it omg omg of only when you're apart from the one you tiredly love do you feel the love growing yay yay yay
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