User Reviews For: The Desert Bride of Al Zayed Billionaire Heirs 3


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oathbreaker1 Rating
Will true love win out through all the trails that await them. Being in a country where you do not speak the langue is hard and dealing with customs that are different from your own how would you cope with this. Then not being able to trust anyone would this be hard to keep your love for this person that you love so much but have nothing in common but your love. I must say even though they had a hard time coping with all this when it finally came down to it they learned from experience and still held on to the love that they had for each other. She was a saint because i do not know if I could do it. Enjoy it!
chicobaby04 Rating
its a sad and touching story, though im glad she didnt lose the baby though it sucked that she put her up for adoption to her sister. this is good story
lovemekyoya Rating
Wat a great love Story a total must read
bethelove Rating
Got to read this story - you will love it
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