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lovemekyoya Rating
I love this story and the love that developed between the two... volume 1 was leaving me in suspense to know if the love would just be denied the whole time and not develop.... volume 2 was sick a happy ending for the two lovers that flee danger to be together...... lesson learned: the tongue is powerful so be careful of wat you speak and to who you speak it to..unwanted words can get you into alt of trouble
oathbreaker1 Rating
I love the story and the setting Venice is a city that has many sides just like a diamond. I love history so this is right up my alley. This period in history they must of had a quota they had to meet by the inquisition of the Roman and Spanish. Women Jews anyone that was different were persecuted for political gains. Italy at this time was not a country yet it took a lot of bloodshed to gain this. I guess you can tell i love history. But both characters are amazing and Venice with the masked ball is magical and amazing being in St Marks square ah. Please go and enjoy Venice and this beautiful love story Ciao!
chicobaby04 Rating
normally this era does not interest me at all but this manga is pretty good despite me not liking this era but there is some parts in the manga where i nearly lost my interest reading but i kept on reading to see if it gets better it remind me of princess bride not sure if i got that name right but yeah
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