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chicobaby04 Rating
dont you love it when a job as journalist comes with risks this story is pretty good i like it, only thing i didnt like about it is toward to end it seems rush like not much of romance and then cut out the important ending, because of this im rating this a 4 star
oathbreaker1 Rating
This is charming story a journalist trying to get the scoop on a story but ends up running into the nobleman and evil vagrants. Now that is a good setting for a story. We never know where love is going to lead us we are just along for the ride and what wonderful journey it is. Now there is some intrigue in the story to so make sure to sit back and enjoy this story. I really enjoyed the cover of the book it was really well done. The only draw back that i had with this story was the heroine she was kind of annoying in some parts thank goodness i got past that.Enjoy
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