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lovemekyoya Rating
That is the perfect love of husband and wife that the husband still lives his wife even after all that she had been through even though she had left him once b4 she realized that she loves him and wouldn't want him to leave her awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love
oathbreaker1 Rating
How do we deal with something like rape in our lives. The guilt that she carries around will not let her move forward with her life. Her husband when they were first married thought it was his fault not understanding what happened to her because she never told him. This is story that needs to be told because when something like this happens to you everyone in your family is hurt by this too. I truly believe the whole family has to heal together with caring and love and support and do not hold all that pain inside because it will eat you up. But the best blessing is love did win.
Guest Rating
Pretty terrible. The art wasn't anything special, and the male lead was an absolute jerk. Who the hell forces someone into an elevator when that person has explicitly stated her fear of elevators to him? The story was rushed, rape was trivialized, and the entire time the guy was like "BUT THINK OF HOW IT AFFECTS ME!" and "WHY WONT YOU TELL ME EVERYTHING" when dealing with the heroine's rape PTSD. Would not recommend
chicobaby04 Rating
This manga might be touchy subject for some women, with me having been in similar situation sort of, I can really understand how Joanna feels though would have been better if she opened up to her sister at least since she knew some part, and this is one wonderful guy, most men would have walked out long time ago im glad he sticked with her to the end this manga is pretty good and well good story too. but i have to warn the reader it might be touchy subject to women though.
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