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1ch1me Rating
For this story, when I read the synopsis at first, I was really curious! After seeing the preview, I, then, said to myself, "I will totally read this!" And so, I had to read it! I can say that, I was definitely satisfied with the story! Aristoteles Levakis, surely, is a ruthless man! You'll see how ruthless of a man he is on the preview! On the other hand, Lucy Proctor, his secretary, also finds him as an attractive man, but told herself, "I definitely never fall in love with Mr. Levakis" because she saw how her mother suffered when her wealthy lovers abandoned her. Time came when Ari saw Lucy changing, and he was surprised how "she's like a goddess". Anyways, I suggest you read it to see what happened on their trip to Athens or will they still go after Lucy handed her resignation letter to Ari? Hmmm... Well, I guarantee you that the ending was, for me, sweet, tearful, and wonderful! Artwork is so wonderful and the story was well-written, so I rate it 5 stars! Highly recommended!
lovemekyoya Rating
Omg omg omg I love it so much how the one thing they were both searching for they found it in each other...... That strong sense of love..... love it recommend it... it's a must read
LuverDNA82 Rating
This is my first manga that I've rented from this website. Overall, it was very special. You could really tell the warmth of love and the two lost souls, with broken aspirations and dreams, come together to make their own family. Most certainly, they learn what it means to not only love each other, but themselves. Their love for each other proved to amend their past heart ache and broken family ties. Truly lovely and heart-felt!
oathbreaker1 Rating
Out of all the stories that I have read this one is my favorite. Both had scars from their past that they had to overcome. Why is it that our parents can say one word and it hurts us more then anything we know and we carry that burden with us forever. Also it takes both of them to heal each other emotionally . I loved how they finally talk to each other and find the love both needed from each other to create a family.
chicobaby04 Rating
i will admit that first glance he was a arrogant guy who think hhe can get everything his way this story is pretty good i have to say the drawing of that girls body with and without clothes is weird just weird how she looks like that not sure how to describe it though, im glad they ended up together
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