User Reviews For: San-Choume's Club Bee: The Harem Night of a Honey-Covered Boy Virgin


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my1066 Rating
Oh My Gawd ! This may be short but it's hotter than any volcano. I really wish there were more chapters! Such a lucky boy. Getting to be the one fought over by two top Hosts. I like how they start off as competition but don't seem to care by the end. (T_T) Wahh, I want more.
Sweetraindrops Rating
This was by far one of the BEST yaoi mangas I have ever read on renta! Not only is the story solid but the sex just keeps on going and going and gets better with each panel. It's a shame there isnt more volumes but I'll settle for one orgasmic inducing volume of pure bliss *~*
Tia Rating
It sure is a short one but steamy! The cluelessness of the MC is just right without any exaggeration and the art is lovely!
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