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Donna Rating
The stories were enjoyable and well written. For once, the grammar didn't deter from the reader's ability to enjoy the story.
bethelove Rating
Awesome stories here about young love....
Nmtgirl Rating
If you're a fan of Yuuki Hinase, this story features side characters from some of her other books. I really like how this author crafts a whole world through her short stories. To top it off, the final story in this set is a beautiful, bittersweet story reminiscent of the movie 5 Centimeters Per Second. It brought me to tears and still managed to be sultry. I can't recommend this author enough! All of her work is gentle, sincere and filled with sensual romance.
omonii123 Rating
the sweet relationship between the main characters is really cute and really good art!
lisa93 Rating
Aawwww..its a cute. Love story with exciting middle and ending part... so worth it
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