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Are we just going to ignore that the protagonist found a dog with a collar, said it was "probably just lost", then immediately decided to keep it forever??-2 stars for pet theft. At least check for a microchip! Geez!
This story has some of the most fiery and passionate scenes I've seen in a harlequin manga. I really like the characters and the story is interesting. That said, it appears to be missing a page or two at the end. It implies a security guard might have been the true villain but then the conversation cuts to a different scene. I wish ebook would notice this problem and replace the missing page because it's otherwise a great book!
If you're a fan of Yuuki Hinase, this story features side characters from some of her other books. I really like how this author crafts a whole world through her short stories. To top it off, the final story in this set is a beautiful, bittersweet story reminiscent of the movie 5 Centimeters Per Second. It brought me to tears and still managed to be sultry. I can't recommend this author enough! All of her work is gentle, sincere and filled with sensual romance.
I like a little forced/aggressive sex but the main love interest is so possessive and inconsiderate that the MC feels brainwashed even within her own narration. She isn't able to contrive any internal reason for liking him, it's always, "He's such a jerk, so mean, but I love him anyway. Weird."The challenging love interest is a quiet, stern but secretly bashful guy she ends up working with and his gentle admiration of her from a distance is so adorable and respectful that I'm 100% on his team. Unfortunately, it's very obvious from the tone of the writing that there's no chance she ends up with him instead. I think I'm gonna stop reading and fill in an end where she ends up with Kanzaki in my head.
This manga has, what I think are, the sweetest and most realistic main characters on the site. I love how smoothly the author creates tension with little misunderstandings. Mob guys are usually jerks in set ups like this, but with this one, we are getting to see him grow emotionally and it's possible to empathize with how he doesn't understand that pushing her into sex was wrong. It's really heart warming to see him become a more conscientious and caring person as he grows in his attachment to the MC. I'm seriously cheering for these two to both be happy no matter what and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series! Hurry and update!
Just once, I'd like the story about a woman who can't have children to end with, "and they loved each other forever anyway" instead of, "and because they gave love a chance they ended up having a kid anyway which is the only possible good ending." Women are more than their uterus! They can have fulfilling lives with love, friendship, and personal success and it doesn't have to include kids! This book would have been 5 stars for me if not for that.
This was really melodramatic. I wanted to like it but they spent so much time inventing drama with each other that I wanted it to end with them broken up.
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