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chicobaby04 Rating
at first when brock demanded elle to marry him after found out she was pregnant but also the spy that stole the information from the company i thought he demanded it for a revenge after marrying her and wait till baby is born and some time afterward he would divorce her and just throw her aside without letting her have the custody that was the revenge i thought brock had in mind like usually how the harlequin comic are but to my surprise i was wrong this is really good story
oathbreaker1 Rating
When i first started reading the story i thought it was a simple revenge but there was more to it. As it unfolded you begin to realize that there is more going on behind the scene then you thought. I enjoyed both characters they were real. And it was funny how the older generation played the villain at some point in the story. Please read it a good story and beware grandparents are not always simple after all they did not get where they are by following the rules.
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