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KID Rating
In my opinion, at first, I was like, why to believe tabloids, especially when you know the man you married is not your average guy. But anyways I got so happy, to the point my heart was tingling waiting for something big to happen. It was so sweet and cute almost as if they were trying to find something to love each other again. I love this manga and if you like romance, josei, and a non-secret child in it, this is one of the manga's that should be read. Love the plot of the story, whereas you know what the character is talking about when it jumps to a different timeline involving his/her past.
chicobaby04 Rating
who would have thought she would run into lucca at her workplace and lucca happens to be the employer there i really hate it when women decided to withdrew the pregnancy/child information from the father and hoping he wouldnt find out. and when he does all of sudden she regretted it and so on. if one is going to regret about it shouldnt do it in first place but thats my opinion
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