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3240661211 Rating
Great story! A sweet knight in not so shining armor story with fabulous Sex, sex, sex!! Join me, bask in it's beauty lol and pray for another!
irinuk Rating
If you want a sweet, endearing yaoi love story with a very manly seme / cutesy neko combination ... well, this is just what you need. I really love Shima Asahi but out of all her stories this is in my top 3 ;) I can only hope that the second character "candidate for seme role" (Ogata) will get a story of his own. Happy reading :)
Valhuka Rating
I really enjoy this authors work. This story is one of my favorites. I've read it many times. I wish I could see a spin off where the friend finds his own love.
RagdollWitch Rating
This story was so wonderful and sweet. I really loved it. It's one of my top favorites.
JaySniper Rating
I loved it! I
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