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Marna Rating
Another hidden jem. Laurent has such a deep love for his Master. Who takes and takes and takes every scrap of Laurent, wanting all of Laurent without ever really giving his own love in return. This story punched me in the feels and came back to rabbit kick me in the heart as the story wound up and then down before bulldozing me with the fluffiest and (bitter)sweetest ending I was ever blessed with reading. Seriously, do yourself a favor and download this. You will never look at daffodils the same way again. Warning for classism and the perennial favorite non-con scene between young Arthur and Laurent. It's reeeeaaallllly Dub con with non-con sauce. But still worth noting. If you can make it past that, totally worth buying, especially at only 6 bucks.
Myteddyandi1 Rating
I loved it, just the fact that daffodils mean unrequited love is amazing and it shows that riches can never over power love, its a big sacrifice to start over with nothing but has long has they both have each other then they'll succeed, no matter the status, color are gender its love. Lol it was just so touching I need to stop living in fairyland waiting on my prince charming lol communication is key.
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