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babedeniro Rating
One of my favourite Renta titles. I know this art style may not be for everyone but get past that and you'll find yourself wrapped up in Kyouyama sensei's unique ambiance and character building. I wish we could see a translation of the final volume in this series someday ;-;
seedyjay Rating
If you want the full story of these two, read “Silent Voice” first, then this volume. If you're only after the sexual hook-ups, this is where they happen. I'll repeat what I said in my review of the companion book, this author has terrific insight into how it feels as a young gay boy to love another boy fiercely while still coming to understand one's own heart. I enjoyed both volumes immensely, including the setting of baseball. I remember having to often hide my lap at baseball games, whether watching or playing, because the uniforms (and the lithe bodies inside them) were so unbearably sexy! Everyone was always a better player and better-looking, so I thought, and so I identify with this protagonist. High praise to this artist for a beautiful story arc. There's room for a third volume if you're listening…
ebookrenta0ap1u7qgd Rating
Love it
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