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Gdk Rating
All I can say is, I'm hooked! Everything you're looking for in a story is in this series. I'm not much into the sex parts but the entire story makes you flip the pages as fast as you can. I like it that Sakura is very considerate of Far's position and that Far is so persistent on his love for Sakura. Just like the characters in this amazing series, you won't give up and would ask for more!
janay0502 Rating
This story is so good. I started reading it firsthand on managafox, but it stopped posting for some reason. Then I find out it is here on renta, I was so happy. And the second story was just as good. I cannot wait for the next one. And is it wrong of me to miss Far's long hair? The haircut looks good on him, but I am a sucker for guys in anime and manga with long hair, especially those whose hair is mid back. I'm just saying.
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