User Reviews For: The Bath-House Manager and the Naked Love Thrust!


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LMonster2 Rating
This is hilarious! I love how the characters interact with one another and the silly innocences of Tomoki who wants to find love but in a sense doesn't understand others feelings. You won't be disappointed. Hope there is more!
RavenRose1 Rating
I love it
Themaine1 Rating
If you like her other series you'll like this too. I hope the release more!
ijimenez1128 Rating
This manga is different, but very funny. I can't wait for more.
bluexboy69 Rating
The story starts off reasonably enough, but the bathhouse manager is a pushy perv! (so are the gay customers, who aren’t portrayed in the best light) Of course, they have a history that adds drama to their relationship. The art is pretty nice to look at with sexy scenes spread throughout. There are a few places where the word choice seems wrong, and some of the dialogue is weird.
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