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Firiaru Rating
What a useless heroine. At first it was refreshing because she was the first heroine of her kind I had read about, but by gosh she was unlikeable. The first time after she ended up in bed with the hero, she ran off right after that for an entire 2 years without at all contacting the hero, who was her husband, even if it was just in name. Then she turns up to get a divorce so that she could gain money for the children she wanted to take care of. 2 years. She ran off for 2 years to take care of her children without at all contacting the hero, who she presumably loved. The hero had his stupid faults in promising money then cancelling his end of the deal twice over and using money to get her into his bed, but even when he pressed her to find out about her situation, she was entirely reluctant in letting him know. 'It's hard to explain about my step-brother so I simply won't say a thing.' was pretty much what she thought. There was no setup for some sobby abandonment issues, so I don't really understand why she has such huge insecurity issues with trusting, despite thinking somewhat that she loves him. Nothing like a floor mat, in her defense, but just really unlikeable and unbelievable as a character anyway.
chicobaby04 Rating
Would have been nice if both of them were upfront about everything in first place then nothing like this would happen. I was relived when I see them took first step to go after Vicky to clear up stuff I find this manga interesting and it was good too with small amount of drama
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