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MissMaus Rating
A delightful collection of oneshots that follow a variety of couples in a smattering of modern and ancient time periods. 19th century lords, 16th century monks, modern students, and a rich boy obsessed with a bartender.They're all sweet stories, but perhaps a little hollow as you get just enough story to want to engage further with the characters. In my opinion, you get just enough to be happy for the characters (which lets face it, is NEVER enough).The first and second couple get the most real estate in this volume, but I really enjoyed the story of the little lord and the horse, as well as the monk and his lord. A fun read, definitely worth a rent.
karink333 Rating
I've mixed feelings about this work. I realy liked first story and I think it should've been longer, unfortunately it ends too soon and feels incomplete. The 3d one was about love betwen horse(becomes human) and his master, this one was quite nice too. Overral the stories did feel incomplete but it wasn't a bad read. If you like unique stories with this type of art then this is worth checking out.
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