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victressy Rating
This is the best i've read since i started on this site. Great work, story, art and funny. It melts into my mouth. That was great! At first I was hesitant but I'm glad I read it. The couple is funny and sweet together. Chloe's innocence and kindness is heart warming. Thank you.
Weeb4Life Rating
A heartwarming story of how Chloe manages to heal Kitt's wounded heart and repair his relationship with his proud and stern grandmother (who hides any vulnerabilities and love for her family behind a tough, grouchy exterior and acerbic words). Kitt has a lot of physical and psychological issues, all of which has made him push everyone away and try to shut himself away, so his worried grandmother hires destitute Chloe to be his companion and help him move on. Chloe is noble, compassionate and dedicated to helping Kitt, she manages to keep smiling and remain calm and serene despite the other two's constant bickering and all the insults they hurl her way. I only wish that she could've had the same amount of spiritual healing that she gave Kitt. She recently lost her father, leaving her penniless and homeless, and she has severe self-esteem issues since she always had to care for her sick father instead of socialising, yet her problems are overlooked in favour of Kitt's.
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