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SilverLily17 Rating
I was a little unsure at first since it was a two part story, but it was well worth the points. The longer format allows for the story to become less rushed and the reader gets the know the characters more. The idea of a marriage to clear a debt is a very interesting concept I have never heard of before, which made me even more enraptured to the story.
lovemekyoya Rating
a debt that turns into true love and a way to prove innocence.....highly recommend...
victressy Rating
I was abit hesitant to read this but to me it was the best book I have read here. So detailed, detailed unlike other rushed books. Great art. The multiple times that they almost made love was teasing to the reader, I like that. They didn't jump into a rushed situation (highly recommend). Thank you sensei!
Simm Rating
The artist did such a good job of translating this into manga format! It takes its time and builds their relationship in such a nice way. And the art is beautiful!
sensibletron Rating
A totally classic Hqn jam. Two volumes means it's blessedly un-rushed. Well done, start to finish.
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