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A rare example of a dark-skinned male lead. Nice to have a little sexy variety. Maybe next time the dude won't need the excuse of being a dog and can be a sexy CEO or a manga artist or something...
I mean, this is probably exactly what you think it is. Except it has a plot that is slowly unfolding and also involves people using their words to work our problems and deepen their understanding of each other. So it's good. Also one of the guys is super stuffy cold type and that is my jam
So sweety sweet & wholesome. Didn't knock off my socks but it did give me a warm fuzzy feeling. And you know, sometimes warm fuzzies are what you need.
It's about a girl and a cat who exist in an extra dimensional locksmith shop and solve people's problems by using magic keys. If this sounds great to you, then you'll love this. Lots of cat-based stories if you are into kitties, too. For the quality of the storytelling, the length, and the art, the price is good too. If you don't like whimsical magic cat jams, then this is probably a pass. Also, what is wrong with you???
So much EMOTION. The hero always has a
Are you a sucker for maimed sea captains using their fortunes to rehabilitate and employ their fellow veterans? How about eye patches? If so, this will be your jam.
C'mon, look at the cover. It's so sassy! How do you feel about pro wrassler Jake
Cute! Nobody has any Greek/sheik love children but it's still a fun lil yarn. Nothing to light the world on fire, but that comes with the territory. The guy is not an alpha jerk, and it's not real spicy overall. But it's vanilla sweet And the art is good.
A totally classic Hqn jam. Two volumes means it's blessedly un-rushed. Well done, start to finish.
Lovely. Both of the main characters are zany kooks who need to learn to use their words, but since their Big Misunderstandings are set up for comedy and not irrational misery, I'm 100% into it. The art is significantly better and more expressive than most Hqn novels, especially the
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