User Reviews For: The Delivery Princess and the Black Knight -A Slave Contract Sealed with Secret Juices-


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TsundereWolf Rating
I thought this was nice until I found out the guy is married. I felt disgusted after that and didn't even read the rest in REAL LIFE I WOULD NEVER WANT MY HUSBAND TO HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH ANOTHER WOMAN while I wear a ring on my finger telling me he "committed" and I'm sure any girl that read this wouldn't want her boyfriend or husband cheating on her too. This is why I dislike this manga if I could give it no stars I would. What a turn off!! If you are married in real life you wouldn't like this cheater.
Capitulate Rating
It's easy to feel for Hina, a girl who has become hugely indebted due to her father's indiscretions and pretty much finds herself with no real options beyond selling herself. It's also easy to like the mysterious client the description speaks of. Unlike her other clients, his main priorities seem to be her pleasure and welfare. It's sexy and sweet seeing what transpires between these two. Really sexy. This is definitely worth the tickets.
Blossom Rating
OMG people you have to read this manga! Hina the girl has to pay a debt and has to do all these sex with men that call her. But at the end kujous face was really cute. Beside the manga itself was pretty interesting. Also Hina and Kujou together is a really cute couple. I totally recommend this one so please read!!!!
Poisonpink Rating
I love this series =) the art is really GOOD and the story plot is give you a bitter sweet feeling...Kouichi who rescue Hina from being a delivery princess, after a few incident happen around them, they become a couple but suddenly Kouichi's childhood friend come back from France to marry Kouichi, I can't wait to see what's going to happen between them >.< will Kouichi betray Hina or will he break up with his fiancé?
Kitsuneflames Rating
Great story and art! Hina becomes a call girl to pay off debt and is hardworking and admirable. Kouichi rescues her but for how long? Has me happy and looking forward to the next one.
Ericam23 Rating
Loved this so much, wish there was more to read
heyyyjude Rating
the art is great. the characters -- both the characters are absolutely lovable. rich guy saves the self sacrificing call girl. the story -- there is a story line. their love is kind of cute and a little clumsy but still super sexy. It makes me smile.
Ja Rating
Nice art but the story is too plain and too much NC
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