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If the art wasn't so nice it wouldn't even be worth two stars. Yamato sucks donkey balls. He's mad the MC once rejected him so he treats her abusively now that she's finally interested in him as more than a friend. The gross male lead isn't the only problem. The story is disjointed and sequence of events hard to pin down. So far it's missing any scene of Shiori propositioning Yamato for a physical relationship. I personally don't hate on pushover heroines, but many readers will dislike Shiori for being such a doormat. Still the worst thing is that it isn't sexy. The visuals aren't bad, but the heroine saying it's violent and hurts every time just kill it. Supposedly she loves him so much that the pain is 'good pain'. -_-; The clown even hurts her during foreplay. It really just seems like he's bad at it. I'm sure he'll eventually learn why she was forced to quit track and that he's her first and contritely pull a 180 transforming from dud to stud, but I'm not sticking around for it.
This one has been taking a long time between installments hence some of the negative reviews. The story in the 7th and 8th current chapter is beginning to dig into the unexplored elements that it introduced back in the second chapter. Rather than rush to reveal everything and send Sae and Kento off on their HEA right away, the author has taken the time to show us the shape their relationship will take, their mutually supportive dynamic, and how much they have in common. They both have talent and great work ethics. They're both a little insecure and hard on themselves. They've both been mistreated and betrayed romantically in the past, and thus have trust issues. They both place the other's happiness ahead of their own, and even though Sae can be a bit dense about it(and men's interest in her in general), it's clear that Kento adores her. The over all art is decent, and the side characters and their developments are interesting too.
I found this several months ago on the Japanese site. I'm so happy it finally made it here. The couple is really cute. They've been friends since childhood, but Koh has been treating Manaka as if he's totally indifferent to her ever since they both reached puberty. It's so bad that she wonders why he even agreed to marry her. Of course, Koh has a reason for keeping his beloved friend at arm's length. His worries aren't entirely unfounded. Manaka definitely has her hands full when he finally gives in to his desire, but it's all sweet, sexy and fun watching the two develop and explore this new aspect of their relationship.
Finally! I have been really hoping Renta would get a series like this. Masanari is hard-working and serious to a fault, but his repressed sensuality is even more intense than his seriousness. I can't blame Tsubaki one bit for getting carried away with his "training" because he is absolutely adorable. It is so rare for the female protag to be the aggressor in Love manga even when there is female to male foreplay. The heroine is always being guided or even sometimes forced to do it and I don't understand why. One reason yaoi is so popular is that it's sexy to see men be sexually/emotionally vulnerable and submissive at times too. I do like the shift to a more equitable relationship with him seeking to assert himself more sexually. I just hope Tsubaki doesn't give up the reigns completely. It did kind of skimp on the depictions of male to female foreplay in that chapter, but hopefully, that'll improve. As it is, it's still funny and sexy. Oh, and I'm so glad she doesn't stay in loli form.
The art is decent, but anything good about this is overshadowed by how much of a creep Haru is. The gender-bent Kuniyuki is wasted here. I'd much rather see him in a relationship with his concerned coworker (who is way more attractive than Haru) or a woman than his womanizing "best friend" Haru who assaults him while he's in his female form(Yuki), taking his virginity. He then guilt trips Yuki (which inexplicably works) when he sees that her true form is the male Kuniyuki. He demands Yuki become his sex slave until he finishes his book or he'll fire her as his editor so Yuki accepts instead of kicking him where the sun doesn't shine. Like a lot of manga with d-bag male protags, the racy scenes are boring without much foreplay depicted. It makes you wonder if it was even really intended for women. Renta should work more on finishing the translation of some of the popular series that have stalled here but have more chapters released in japan instead of unsexy wastes of points like this.
I shouldn't have. I had a feeling I knew where this was going from the preview, but because of the hot Megane, I rented it anyway. I'm going to give it 2 stars because the art is decent and the glasses guy is good to look at, but that's all that's good here. It's predictable to the point that I almost missed the 'twist' at first because this reads like every boring 'good girl with a secret' and 'bossy/domineering girl gets what she really wants' manga for guys. I was really hoping the MC would be taking the awkward male MC in a sweet but forceful way, but as always the word sadistic when applied to women in manga mostly means being crass and violent. The guy, isn't compelling either. If you like exhibitionism(mostly imagined), you might dig this. It's meh for me, which brings me to this thing's greatest failing. It isn't sexy at all. The supposed 'sexy time' is really short. He barely touches her and it doesn't show anything. Save for some panty shots this barely passes as Love manga.
I wasn't sure about the bully turned beau plot, but the cover art and the promise of a sexy megane finally lured me in. The characters and background art look even better than the cover suggests imo. The story itself is entertaining. Both Kyosuke and Tomoe are moody, insecure, and sort of obsessed with each other in different ways. Tomoe is easy to feel for and relate to. Kyosuke is gorgeous, but what's most appealing about him is the way his cool level headed facade is constantly disrupted by his ratcheting intensity. This couple's chemistry is slightly dysfunctional but really sexy.
The male lead Ryo is of the adorably innocent, ardent, and dedicated variety. He's loved the heroine his whole life and has never refrained from telling her so. His single-minded devotion and earnestness alone are doki doki enough. He's also really attractive. The only type of male protag I like more is the equally devoted, but super serious, super-competent type, so I really wanna like this. I just find this heroine a bit irritating, even though I'm typically fairly tolerant of heroines. She seems really shallow, frivolous, and insensitive. The story opens with her lamenting how her 'dream' of a glamorous life in the big city had been so different from her reality of meager living and office drudgery. Just a little while later she's belittling and making fun of her childhood friend's 'dream' of one day having a 'pure' romance with her. I couldn't help thinking she doesn't deserve him the whole time. The racy scenes are fair. I assume Manatsu will get her act together.
I love this. The art isn't top-notch, but I don't mind at all. I like the humor in this. It's steamy enough and the characters are great. The heroine Haruko is a little immature, but not flaky/silly. She's cute, but relateable. She's a good friend, and I really like her conscious positivity and awareness of her own shortcomings. The male protag Zenji is my jam. He's diligent, intelligent, forthright, respectful, and resolute with a strong desire to please the heroine in all sorts of ways and a ridiculous six pack to boot. In other words, he's pretty much perfect and I ain't mad at it. As fun as it sometimes is to read stories about byronic womanizers and churlish, woman weary misanthropes transforming into loving, tender, devoted, fantasy bf/husband material, I really dig it when an author just goes there and gives me a guy like Zenji who's only significant flaws are that he doesn't exist and isn't my man.
The MC is ridiculous. She's straight up stalking the male lead. Kyosuke isn't cold as the summary describes him. If anything he's too nice because Mika is a total nut. This one is actually pretty amusing. I can't say I find it romantic. I mean she actually 'accidently' breaks into his house twice, but this is entertaining. The art is really good when it comes to the characters. I did get a little lost with some of the panels, but the characters are all really pretty, especially the guys. Even the groper whose face you don't really see isn't gross looking. I appreciate that. I hate it when they put gross men in stories for women. Anyway, the story does it's best to portray Mika as a harmless stalker with a heart of gold. It works for comedy in fiction, but part of me just can't ignore the implicatons of that kind of behavior irl. Well if you don't take this too seriously you should be able to enjoy it.
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