User Reviews For: Moaning Ecstasy Express -Your Next Man Will Arrive at Platform 7-


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Memily Rating
Not a bad read, but far from my favorite. Oftentimes it was unclear during the group sex scene to whom the MC is speaking -the love interest or a passenger. It's difficult to be emotionally invested in a relationship which seems to be largely based on the MC's insecurities. That being said, an emotionally dependent relationship like this one is an entirely viable option for manga like this one, but in this case, poorly-executed. Unrealistic passivity is a common facet of this flavor of "Spicy Love", but this one is less plausible than usual. We're given little to no reason to accept the proud, standoffish MC's transformation into a meek, obedient slave. If this seems like your type of manga, then it probably is, but don't expect anything special.(08/10/15)
heyyyjude Rating
I agree with the previous post. it's a short spicy love so there really isn't a plot. and the story is just confusing... I was just never sure when she was imagining the guy or if it was the real guy. Honestly, I just don't think it's worth that many tokens.
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