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This was cute! I'm not sure if I'll read the next volume when it comes out, but I don't regret renting this first one. It wasn't the sort of story I usually go for, but the ad intrigued me.
I was pretty disappointed by this one. The art is lovely, but there's just nothing to really make the characters or plot stand out. The main characters are whiny, and their professions of love are unconvincing. There's no sexual tension. It's perfectly adequate as a brief distraction, but it's certainly not worth the cost.
I'm plenty used to far-fetched plot lines, but this was ridiculous! The main character's outlook on her situation didn't even adhere to the pseudo-realistic attitude shift commonly used in other stories of this sort. Next to no character establishment, and the dialogue felt phoned-in. The sudden time skip at the end was jarring. It seemed like there was supposed to be more story somewhere in there. My guess? Either the editor cut it out to fit a page limit, or the author got bored and just couldn't be bothered. One would hope that at least the anatomy- the focal point of any racy manga- would be passable. One would be sorely disappointed. Don't even bother renting this one. (3/19/17)
This manga is not only super-sweet, it has some great sex scenes too! I definitely recommend reading it, but would advise that you wait until there is an option to purchase instead of renting it. I have read through Chapter 3, and loved every page. However, I will not continue paying to read this until there is an unlimited rental available. I don't want to pay $2-$3 dollars for a limited rental, only to pay an even higher fee later in order to get the extension.
See that hottie on the cover? He's- wait for it . . . the uke. Sort of? That label doesn't quite fit either character, but he's definitely the receiver. There's no forceful seduction here, just two guys looking at the same unusual situation from two different perspectives. That's what makes this little gem so interesting! Oftentimes it's a matter of "Let's see how Seme Subtype D and Uke Subtype B deal with Setting R-3." Here we find a pair of believeable, likeable people trying to work things out together like regular human beings. Thank you, Hakomichi-Sensei, for providing your readers with the unexpected pleasure of a non-standard yaoi dynamic. Not one "Kyaaa!" throughout. (11/04/15)
Well, the art is okay, though I don't find either character visually appealing. Although I'm not into this particular fetish, it was definitely presented in an amusing way. It stands out from the crowd, if nothing else! Give it a try, you may find you like it more than I did. (10/23/15)
"What will become of me?" the MC mourns at the end of chapter 1. I'm a bit curious about that myself, though so far I'm not terribly impressed- so I spring for one more chapter.Aaaand that's all it takes. "Genetic Potential" is, at it's core, similar to popular teen trilogies like "Divergent" and "Crewel"- the MC is full of untapped potential which those in power seek to use for their own benefit. She is innocent, beautiful, and utterly helpless on her own- the perfect sex toy. You can find the same character in plenty other manga on Renta, so I suggest you do so. You might find a more appealing setting than this one. (10/16/15)
Very cute! The title is a draw all on it's own, and it doesn't disappoint. I'd be open to reading more about these two, but this is written in such a way that the ending is satisfying all on its own. No deep, emotional story here, but it's definitely an original idea. Give it a try! (10/16/15)
. . . Meh. It's not like I expected much character development in a manga of this nature, but it would have been nice to see a little more of the husband. Perhaps a sequel that reveals what he was doing while his wife was away? He certainly didn't seem to awfully upset by the idea of her with other men. I think this would have been much more interesting if they modified the format of the "Birth Machine". Say, for instance, if sperm donors were sent to her house to live with Riko and her hubby for a week? That would provide both the intended eroticism and a greater depth of character exploration. As it is, this title leaves much to be desired. Go ahead and spend the ticket if you feel like it, but don't bother splurging on an unlimited rental! (10/01/15)
A perfectly generic kid-next-door romance. He likes her, she likes him; it takes another guy showing interest in her to prompt the main characters to get together. They are a writer and an actress respectively, but their unusual occupations are more of an afterthought than an actual plot element. The art is nice, at least. Enjoy looking at the cover, but don't bother spending your tickets on this one. (9/17/15)