User Reviews For: Professional Panting Guys -The Day I Became an Adult Voice Actor-


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WindyWing15 Rating
It was an ok read. Personally I didn't think it was anything too exciting or too boring... (Although admittedly I think I got a little bored) The concept of the story sounded interesting so that's why I took a shot at reading this, but a lot of things in this lacked substance. A lot of things seem shallow too, as there are many parts that could use more details. I won't say that reading this is horrible, but in my opinion it just doesn't grab my attention enough to rate it an average three stars. Feel free to read though if you want to expose yourself to a new idea/concept concerning this whole voice actor topic, but as far as storytelling goes, there's almost nothing there. (Except for very basic details, but what puts me off is that there's no potential expansion on the basics that are given)
ebookrenta0pjfuc48v Rating
This story did not make a scene to me did get at all
chibasoh Rating
I was expecting more. I don't mean that in sexual content wise, that was only okay too. I thought it'd have a deeper emotional setting, but it didn't. If you're looking for something quick, this is a good read, but if you're looking for something more, then it's all up for you to decide. It wasn't bad, just meh.
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