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Rachel Rating
Yes, um.....VERY interesting twist on a Harlequin novel. Girl agrees to marry man, man turns out to have attacked her mother 20 years before.....girl doesn't seem to care. Not fluffy and light but not total dark and disturbing either, which is a little bit disturbing in itself. You kind of come out of it thinking "I don't flat out hate these characters" but you also expect that they should act differently. I've rated it 3 but that's only because I'm not really sure how I should rate it. It's not an easy read but it is redemptive - there's almost a link to the old Greek plays of tragedy, comedy and catharsis, but I don't think the story is meant to be as complicated as that.
Hnicolem Rating
Rachel, I agree with you 100%. Once I found a key piece of information I was perturbed and slightly hesitant on continuing the story...