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Poisonpink Rating
I love this story! I wish I can have the ability to get into a hot guy's dream and do different kind of sweet/hot things together that can't be done in reality...I love how Jun react when he is with Kaede,he is cute and funny, I don't even mind he is a true geek..who wouldn't accept a guy who love you for 3 years and had done everything for you? The story show Jun how he struggle to let Kaede know his feeling and how Kaede realize her feeling to Jun, what's more it had saucy hot scenes in between the story that make you blush, definitely worth all 5 tickets!
heyyyjude Rating
EEP! Gotta know what happens after vol 4!!! So far the story is very cute. KIND OF makes me want to have the cool dream invasion ability. ;). So far I am l loving Jun and Kaede, and I want them to be together! Makoto is a tool. I think it's worth the tokens. It's definitely an interesting and sweet story.
LuckyLove Rating
It is just what you can expect this manga to be, an interesting story and good characters. both well developed, and it has its smut and romance. Jun's personality is sooo cute! I love their relationship, they're really meant for each other. I think this manga has fulfilled this fantasy of mine that I didn't know I wanted to read, because I'd absolutely love to have the hability to enter my partner's dreams hahah <3And the art is so beautiful, you'll definitely enjoy it. Worth the money, you're not gonna be disappointed!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
These two are so cute and sweet. Besties for three years and the h has practically friend zoned the H, but he's still hanging in there. The art is cute and works really well with this story. The smexy scenes just look so silly though, not very hot. But this isn't about the heat factor, it's more about how these two finally get on the same page and confess their love to one another. Kaede is pretty dense when it comes to how much Jun is into her. I love that Jun is a total geek about everything and is a bit stalkerish when it comes to Kaede. The ability to enter other people's dreams is the catalyst that gets the ball rolling for Kaede to see Jun as a man, not just her geeky friend/coworker. It's low on drama, just the right amount to keep it interesting and fun. This is definitely a re-read, so it's worth the tickets.
Kitsuneflames Rating
Liked this story because it can get cute sometimes. I kinda got lost in all the talking tho and sometimes couldn't really figure out what was going on. The stuff I did get was good.
lisa93 Rating
Love it....i wish i could go into some hot guys dream like that...
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