User Reviews For: Naughty Salesman -The Beginner's Guide to Sexy Toys-


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kg Rating
I really enjoyed this story. Naughty salesman is a funny and romantic story that I would recommend. It's a very entertaining story that has some great art to make it more enjoyable and appealing. It's a fun read and I can't wait to find out what happens next.
sAPRIL96 Rating
The story is funny but sexy at the same time i guess?
Nyanko Rating
Cute and funny, this is a quick read that's charming but not too involved. The second chapter has a dubious assault situation, but overall the tone is light. Nothing deep here, but there's also not much dithering about whether the naughty salesman is serious about the protagonist or not. All of the characters benefit from some great art, but the protagonist has a unusual look - doe-eyed 60's gamine, like Twiggy or Mia Farrow - that has such a human quality that seeng her drawn as chibi is jarring. There's also a sex positive solo scene that shows a rare acknowledgment of women's desire. Honestly, if door to door sales were this "relaxing," I'd be all for it!
Tennyo Rating
I found this to be kind of cute
Kitsuneflames Rating
Seems like a cute and funny story. The first volume wasn't really sexy got hotter on the 2nd one though. The main guy is funny, sweet and passionate about what he does for a living. Looking forward to what happens next.
omonii123 Rating
I've just read the first chapter and it was funny. I don't see any romance from here (which i believe will come later) but the story is actually pretty cute. Can't wait to read the other chapters and see the progress!
Poisonpink Rating
The art and the story is good but I hope it can be more spicy after chapter 2... Emi become more and more attracted to Azuka after he done all those erotic things to her >.< plus he is a good looking guy without the glasses...those who want something cute and a little bit of spicy can try this out~
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