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kay4120 Rating
The story line is good and bit realistic, as there are many single moms in the real world. Many of them being too busy with work to even have time for finding their second love. This story will give hope and warm feelings to the readers after reading the story. Dating apps are very popular nowadays, so Grace was lucky to find the right man for her with one try. I find this to be a bit unrealistic, which is why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5. Nonetheless its an interesting story and the setting is different from other Harlequin mangas.
missjoanna89 Rating
Loved the story all about you never know what can happen to you when you u take a leap of faith when going on a blind date. But this story is about what happens after the blind date it takes a while for the main character to relize what was right there waiting for her.and it has it's really cute moments with the main characters family but I really recommend this one to all who can take that leap.
lovemekyoya Rating
To find a soul mate on a blind date only happens in these Manga.... but the love is the most beautiful thing along with the baby
neha200 Rating
Mazeltov! Mission accomplished because I loved it! That was the most realistic harlequin I've ever read and that aspect of it made it easier to understand the characters and their flaws. I'm really happy Grace got a second chance in life because she deserves to be happy. And not to mention Noah is a great guy, near perfection for her at least ( he fits her like a glove) and his affection for her from beginning to end is endearing. Overall, it was an incredible story that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.
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