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Not going to lie, that was really cute. From the preview and summary I thought the boss was just going to be some shallow guy who falls in love with her once she loses weight but he surprised me. He actually likes her for genuine reasons and even gets jealous. Also, Eric and Anna were a nice touch to this story. This was definitely one of the better harlequins I've read especially since it didn't have the usual pathetic female lead falling for the usual misogynist male.
Very nice story; I really wish it was longer. Dom was a bit difficult to understand but that made his character growth more interesting. Ginny put up with a lot, I'm surprised she didn't hide the pregnancy from him. Overall, beautiful art and entertaining characters.
Honestly, I went in expecting the worst. I thought I would hate Mark but he really surprised me. I think this story had a great underlying message especially concerning women who find happiness in their careers. Lisa was a strong protagonist that did not give in to her desires in exchange for her job. And I was happy to see the male protagonist be the one to compromise for once instead of dominating...now if only Mark didn't have such a crappy reputation from the beginning, they could have worked out sooner but I guess they wouldn't have lasted if they started when they were young and immature. All's well that ends well.
It wasn't bad but I wish their was more romance. It was like we were just given 1 piece of the pie. The whole story was just about Eve getting her memory back. The characters were pleasant and of course there was a tragic back story but I would have loved if they spent more time on her story with her husband.
I didn't really understand the title and how it connects to the story. And the whole part about their affair being forbidden probably only takes up half the story. And I feel like the brother is just misunderstood all the time because of his immaturity but I found him to be a likeable character. I also liked Alex's character which they delved into quite a bit but I was not too fond of sophie's character. In her own words, she basically was a "kept woman" but only because she herself acted like one. I just felt like she was unreasonable at times but all's well that end's well. The art was beautiful I must say.
I was actually expecting a more dramatic story behind his tears. And the love story between Lysandros and Petra was kind of uneventful. It wasn't a bad story; the art was beautiful but I guess I was just expecting more. The build up was good.
That was beautiful, very fantasy-like. A bit predictable with the outcome of relationships, it was still really nice. I was a bit disappointed that the author didn't go with the more realistic route, considering many people of middle eastern descent marry their cousins, but nonethless, it was a fabulous romance. I'm glad everything worked out the way it did and the characters were beautifully drawn.
This was a very sweet and heartbreaking love story. Juliano is the most adorable child, deprived of his father; it just makes you want to hug him and his father too. It seems that Juliano's mother kept him all to herself which is why it's so hard for the father and son to connect, but have no fear because Natalie is here. She supposedly looks exactly like Alessandro's ex-wife and thus works to rebuild the bond that should have developed naturally between him and Julian. But somehow, in the midst of it all the two fall in love and chaos ensues. So this story has everything from heartbroken kids, endearing relationships and a love story with misunderstandings. A good read.
Very sweet story. Both Max and Jessie come from difficult backgrounds and instantly there's attraction. Except that Jessie is tasked with finding a suitable wife for Max. But will all the time they spend together and get to know each other, Max starts falling for her instead of the candidates around him. They're love story starts with passion but once the secret of Jessie's parentage comes out, their relationship takes a sweet turn towards compassion. Not to mention, Max is remodeling his house to Jessie's taste! I definitely recommend this for a nice read with minimal drama and a hero that doesn't falsely accuse the heroine every chance he gets but be prepared to see him get jealous on countless occasions. It's endearing.
Very cute story...but I have to say, I was expecting a lot more from this. Becky was an overall lovable damsel in distress but I was really diasppointed with how quickly and easily she fell in love. Don't get me wrong; the guy's a gem, being an animal lover and doctor. Even he switched over from one girl to the next in a matter of like 2 pages or even less. His kind demeanor and the way he treated Becky did not hint at him already being in a relationship. But yes, his preference in women is questionable.
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