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Gdk Rating
Kou Natsuo is one of my favorite writer/artist. His/her stories are unconventional yet they have this certain appeal the keeps one glues to the story. In this particular set of stories, I have to say that I didn't like the first one as I am not into those type of incestual romances (they are half-siblings) however the rest of them I enjoyed a lot. 3 different stories with 3 different challenges. Nanako and Mr. Kagami's story can be quite scandalous - I can't imagine if he was really married. Aoba and Mr. Kubo's story is a bit emotional. A young girl wanting more time from an extremely busy man she loves. And the third one, Fumie and Homare's story, I find funny and cute! Hope you'd enjoy them as much as I did! ;)
RachelTulip1 Rating
The manga artist is a very talented storyteller but maybe she wants to make some points. There were three stories out of five stories which focused on immature young women who were bound by bad decisions. Some of the love story even has incestuous tone with cousin and half brother so it is a bit hard to digest. One love story almost border on sugar daddy level with young high school girls falling in love with perverted middle aged men. While the storyline is short, you cannot help but comparing this manga with other manga she has drawn. I think the Garden of the Sun has a better storyline and there is moral values of loving someone with disability.
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