User Reviews For: Delayed Sexual Satisfaction -Teased into Depravity-


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danyels Rating
Hmm,, i cant stand the characters. I know the girl did something wrong too but the guy being spiteful and aggressive as revenge is a nasty and immature move. The steamy scenes were mostly just the guy playing with girl forcibly, so unsatisfactory. The other guy pissed me off too. Dropped after chapter 2 because I don't feel the need to know what happens next after they made up.
Medsiine Rating
I wonder why they are getting together too easily after he was trying to revealing her too many times, but it's a good story also. I like to read it
Tsunamiko Rating
I really like the characters and how the story developed when it comes to spicing it up throughout the series. Young Sou can be such a sadist to poor Kotoko. I don't want to spoil the manga, so I'll just say there a lot of hot and steamy sex scenes in it. I actually read the entire series and would definitely recommend that it's worth reading.
booksidhe Rating
It was really good. I'm hoping there would be more stories from this author.
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