User Reviews For: 3 Days & 3 Nights with a Shinto Priest -Aah... Isn't This Purification a Little Extreme!?-


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HikaruTanaka Rating
It was a random pick to read and it was interesting. Sure it seems kinda awkward when you learn it's a temple that worships sex. The female lead is a bit irritating but you'll feel bad for her cause she loses just about everything in the first chapter. But then gets lucky breaking the bell lol
Jenangelx3 Rating
It's a really mediocre read. The first chapter got me to continue reading the rest, but 3 chapters in, I was so sick of the terrible writing and cliche plot. Sure, it's used in all of the manga I like to read on Renta!, but when it's done this badly, I have zero will to move on. I got to volume 5 and was so sick of it. I know I should just finish, but why pay another dollar to finish a manga that's completely predictable? I just can't, and I wish I could get my money back.
inuyasha Rating
This seems interesting but it leaves you at a cliffhanger. I can't wait for the next issue.
annarolls Rating
It's basically just pure smut with very boring characters. The MC is pretty annoying.
kurino Rating
So cute at the end. No spoilers but God works in mysterious ways. ;P
Tdol Rating
Story plot is good. MF is indecisive. Last chapter was the best!!!
SweetHavoc25 Rating
I enjoyed it. A but awkward at times but nice plot. The ending was okay, could have gone a bit further with it.
tntcoolchick Rating
random and a bit weird until the ending but still really cute and great artwork
Bananamilk Rating
The story mostly centered on smut, but I was happy about how things turned out in the end. What I just didn't like about this was how the female protagonist was portrayed as too much of a damsel in distress, and in some parts it seemed as though she enjoyed being taken advantage of by different men. The redeeming factor in it was Soichiro's character for me.
Chocolatelover Rating
I started reading this and it seems to be okay so far. I will continue to read and see if it gets better
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