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lashea Rating
Wow. Just read the recent volume and what the hell is going on? Good story so far. Can't wait for the next one.
Guest Rating
The plot is soo interesting. I look forward to each chapter cuz there's always a cliffhanger! Worth the amount of tickets they ask for.
Mistydreamer Rating
I have read many titles by this author and really love her works, especially some of her works involving 3P or multiple sex partners for the female lead. This is saying a lot as this type of subject might make the female lead distasteful if the plot is not convincing enough on the circumstance and/or the choice of the female lead. So it is with great eagerness when I rent this mangas.The first chapter started out interestingly but the female lead will get on most readers' nerves with her naivety and her princess attitude. Although the female lead did acknowledge and reflect on her naivety and seek ways to survive on her own. I would said that chapter 1(2) and 2 are when the plot and romance is at the most engrossing. BUT chapter 4 and 5 really end on a weird note because there no way or reason that the female lead would choose Kaito over Kaoru. It doesn't make sense. AND don't get me started on the ending of one of the male lead which happen in the final chapter.
NewToManga Rating
When is the next manga in the series being released?! A must read!
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