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rendingfangblade Rating
This is a very sweet everyday life story that I would recommenced to any of my friends when they want something sweet and down to earth. The main character is adorable breaking out of that "embarrassed" personality type to one a little more mature. I find her relationship to Koh very heart-warming and more real then just the average fill in boyfriend.It's a good story and I was drawn to the fact that it had more pages then the average manga. It was nice and didn't get boring half-way through the volumes. The story also flowed very well from chapter to chapter.The only drawback I found was that the Ichika introduced herself and her work status every chapter. That was a little annoying, but besides that there wasn't anything else that I felt negative about the series.Enjoy it, it's a sweet manga and worth the time to read. I'm looking forward to the next vol.
PassionDevourer Rating
Hahaha! That last page is just the best! Really entertaining story. I like how it differed from my expectations and I definitely recommend. If I have any nitpick, I would've like to learn a little more about the bartender's life, but as is I am quite satisfied.
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