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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Idk why but I really thought this was cute and a good read, I've read it five times since first renting it. I like that Nao is a stronger h than most and quite literally. Girl does judo! But she sees how arrogant Hino is and is definitely put off by his personality and her admiration for him falters a bit. Just a bit, cause he's a genius at what he does and she respects his work ethic. They both had the wrong first impressions of each other, but once Nao sets him straight (the first he's ever gotten by a women) and they work closely together, they both grow a soft spot for each other secretly. Art is not my favorite, but it's not terrible either. The flow of the story is really nice too. We get to see actual progress in their relationship, it's not wham, bam, thank you ma'am and off to HEA now! No, it's more like a slow burn and I like slow burn, makes it more enjoyable once they finally confess. And I liked the H as well, yes a bit (or a lot) full of himself, but he wins you over.
pinkpanda Rating
its okay
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