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This is not my favorite silva work, but it was a nice read and their smut is still a++ I thought it was slightly bit rushed and it could have been longer, but still liked it!
I FINALLY READ IT AND IT IS REALLY IS AS BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD AS EVERYONE SAID. THOSE TWO FINDING WHAT THEU NEED IN EACH OTHER MAKES ME CRY. They ate so precious togethere and just the art god the art is perfect. Love it. A new favorite. I pray for an English printed release one day. 10/10 5/5
First of all I love love the art a lot. Also this couple is just really cute. Souma is best boy!! Really enjoyed this one a lot
Silva's art as always is always so sexy and hot. So hot especially the sex scenes. This manga was really great! I really love the main couple such a power couple they are so great. Love it!
It was really cute! Like there was Dubcon in the beginning, but it was really cute!! I love the art a lot and those two just so so cute
This was the first manga that really got me into Wacoco Waco and I am so glad to read it in english. IT WAS SO TASTY AS EXPECTED. Sensei is truly god tier in their smut and nhnghh love their shorter tops and taller bottoms as always. Love love love.
A very feel good manga. Those two are sooo cute together. Definitely recommended. Sakura is the cutest!
Just finished really this and really wasn't expecting that twist, but it was really enjoyable and I really love those two a lot. They are so cute together! I liked this a lot with the little twist and how it was handled. I just thought those two are really adorable I love them. Nothing too serious, a pretty light read. It is pretty cheesy, bUT gonna to buy unlimited because I would read again. This couple is just cute.
Man truly all of Tsutako Tsurusawa's works are such masterpieces and this one was no exception. I love her couples so much. Also yay for taller bottoms~ the fetish is something I never thought someone would write about, but when it's Tsutako Tsurusawa, it just works. I love love this manga and this couple, they are just so cute. Also ofc sensei's smut is A++++++ gorgeous
The main story was sooo cute and I really adore this artist's art so much. Recommended for the fluff and the smut. Not that much angst just pretty art and foot fetish. I think it was a great debut for Runa-sensei. I was excited when I first saw the debut (followed the mangaka since doujinshi times) and happy that it was so cute and fun. Love love the main couple. The second couple was okay as well but truly the main got the spot like they should