Our After-Hours XXX

Kaname Kurosaki: 28 years old and in the prime of manhood, working as lead programmer on the development team. Good at his job, not so good with women... and sexually frustrated every day. The one who helps him with that is his co-worker, Yuki, the lead producer of the planning department. Kaname and this sparkly-eyed "prince charming" have a history of jerking each other off in the office late at night. They both like women, but they can't help using each other for some sexual release. Kaname doesn't think much about what they're doing, but Yuki gradually begins to escalate things. One day, Yuki asks if they could try something different, and starts playing with Kaname's ass...! Now the "prince" of the office is opening Kaname's eyes to a whole new world of sex! A princely sex-fiend paired with the office hotshot who has plenty of sexual desire to spare... This is a wild and smutty love story!

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Our After-Hours XXX

Kaname is good at his job, not so good with women, and sexually frustrated. His co-worker, Yuki, helps him with that. They both like women but enjoy using each other for release. He doesn't think much about what they're doing, but...[229pages]
Pages: 229
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author : Wacoco Waco publisher : Takeshobo co.,ltd. Ore to Aitsu no Jikangai XX

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