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I'm a sucker for black haired ukes, and this is my kind of uke ^=w=^ love it
So worth the money! I loved everything about this story and it's so original! It's funny, has a possessive seme, and their both cherry boys! I feel like my life is complete. T
This is rare a virgin eating uke and a seme who is so committed to their relationshipespecially the hot steamy sex scenes I have found my favorite manga of all time, except for the oneshot it has it was cliche but okay My life's complete with the main story that is
This is totally worth purchasing!:D not your average cliche uke and seme I just love the art style and how the couple interact with each other is just too cute X3 I feel satisfied ^ =w= ^
It's alright just don't like How the seme forced the uke to have sex and changed his persona. It's a little irritating with that whole scenario since it's really common for the seme to pin down the uke without his consent.
Was not bad pretty funny a little fast paced though just wish I could see more of the first couple.
I prefer Koki and Teru I think Yuga was the one that was too forceful I mean he kept on attacking Teru in every chance he got Koki had to stop him but he eventually goes along with it since they're into Teru and fighting for his affections.
My gosh the first couple was hilarious
The sex scenes were very hot love the Uke persona, but the only thing that I didn
The story plots was very interesting and super awesomeness!! glad I used my tickets to read this. The art itself is just so beautiful! all the stories are just so very entertaining I recommend \\\\٩( '
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