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This is awesome!! I love the characters especially the uke being a black haired tough omega XD and the storyline is very creative, can't have underage sex bc all omegas have chastity belts and can be only opened till they are adults or an alpha can get the special master key but they gotta find it~ I highly recommend this story its very entertaining ?
It was so adorable! ToT if you like obsessive semes and chill black haired ukes, I recommend reading this ?? by the time I knew it I bought all the stories, no cheating or violence just a well thought out plot with a happy ending! XD
This is awesome! A Black haired uke who looks like a cool top but is actually a hard-core bottom, I love it, exactly my type of uke, I can't wait for more!! ?
One word "nosebleed" ^=q=^
Completed ToT already.. I wanted more~ this was fun to read but it feels like a one shot if you combine chapter intro 1 & intimacy chp 2 together
So far so good, loving the ditsy couple already >u< Cant wait for more~
So good so far good, since I'm into black haired ukes. That step brother better not be playin with him though -~-
Not into playboys, even though the title says playmate haha.. I'm just here for the pure uke. Just read 2 chapters and I hope the seme gets jelly for the uke at one point.
A really good start.. it's just... you would've think he bled for his first time .-.
I'm a sucker for black haired ukes, and this is my kind of uke ^=w=^ love it
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