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One word "nosebleed" ^=q=^
Completed ToT already.. I wanted more~ this was fun to read but it feels like a one shot if you combine chapter intro 1 & intimacy chp 2 together
So far so good, loving the ditsy couple already >u< Cant wait for more~
So good so far good, since I'm into black haired ukes. That step brother better not be playin with him though -~-
Whew! This is hot. An obsessive seme and an uke who's being reeled by him. The sex scenes are pretty erotic.. I claim this as one of my faves
Not into playboys, even though the title says playmate haha.. I'm just here for the pure uke. Just read 2 chapters and I hope the seme gets jelly for the uke at one point.
A really good start.. it's just... you would've think he bled for his first time .-.
I'm a sucker for black haired ukes, and this is my kind of uke ^=w=^ love it
So worth the money! I loved everything about this story and it's so original! It's funny, has a possessive seme, and their both cherry boys! I feel like my life is complete. T
This is rare a virgin eating uke and a seme who is so committed to their relationshipespecially the hot steamy sex scenes I have found my favorite manga of all time, except for the oneshot it has it was cliche but okay My life's complete with the main story that is
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