The Toughest Guy in School is an Omega!?

Under the country's law, omegas are obligated to wear a chastity belt. A rumor is going around that there's a key that will unlock the belt, and people are fighting to find this key.
Sashima is the toughest delinquent around.
An elite group of alphas, the Snakes, hear about Sashima and come to fight him.
The leader of the Snakes, Aoda, is expecting a big, towering man, and while the Sashima standing in front of him has glaring, piercing eyes, he's also short... and an omega!
After telling Sashima that he chooses him as his partner, Aoda suddenly grabs Sashima and starts kissing him.
This Aoda is out of control! Sashima's right-hand man, Taketora, has also been pulled into this whole mess. Who's going to be the one to soften the toughest omega?

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The Toughest Guy in School is an Omega!? (1)

The age of delinquents has come in this omegaverse! Alpha Aoda comes to fight Sashima, the toughest guy in the district, not knowing that he is an omega. It's love at first sight for Aoda, and things become really complicated for Sashima.[36pages]
Pages: 36
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The Toughest Guy in School is an Omega!? (2)

Aoda will do anything to get Sashima, including drug his food. Aoda takes Sashima to the nurse's office to take advantage of him. Taketora comes to save his best friend, only to find himself facing his true feelings towards Sashima.[32pages]
Pages: 32
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The Toughest Guy in School is an Omega!? (3)

Sashima's confused. He's caught in a love triangle with Taketora and Aoda, and he doesn't know how he feels or what to do. As he's brooding over his predicament, he gets attacked by an alpha gang who find out he's an omega.[34pages]
Pages: 34
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Wasabi Ochazuke publisher : Brite Publishing Saikyou Yankee ga Omega na Wakenai

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